Nov 1, 2011

Why The Register?

We have only been open for a few months but already we are in the thick of things with five properties sold and fifteen listings on the books. This is what we love to do and we couldn’t be happier. Our agency is situated in the middle of the shopping centre of Remuera. As you can see in the photo, we have furnished our space with beautiful antiques, some which we own and others which John Stephens & Co. Ltd has lent us and are for sale. Come in to check out what properties we have listed and have a look at the furniture at the same time.

We have started up this agency with a slightly different focus. Unlike most agencies, we have an extensive database of people who are actively looking to buy a house in the Remuera area. When we list a house, we immediately send an information flyer out to this database and there's every chance we will find a buyer even before a cent has been spent on marketing. This means, not only no cost in advertising, signboards etc., but also no eternal cleaning up for open homes with the accompanying tramping of people through your pristine house. How ideal would that be! And it can be a reality with our approach.
Over on the right, at the top is a link to our website where you can see our current properties for sale and also a list of Buyer Briefs from a few of those on our database. Do get in touch with us if you are looking at selling and if this approach interests you.