Jan 16, 2012

Blue Illusion – Pamela Landers

Blue Illusion opened in Remuera last April and what a wonderful addition it is to the great array of shops along the main road. This was the first of the chain to open with Botany, Milford and Riccarton following not far behind. The next one will be in Ponsonby.

Pamela Landers has been the manager in Remuera since it first opened and has helped establish the brand here in New Zealand. She is a soft beauty with a gentle manner but, I suspect, a strong core. Her husband died when her children were young and she brought up her three boys alone, moving them to New Zealand from South Africa four years ago. The eldest of her sons, Garth, is a barrister and solicitor in Kensington Swan's commercial department, the middle one is an economist while the youngest studies psychology at University. She was determined to bring them up as gentlemen and they still open car doors for women and stand up when a woman comes into the room. It’s heart warming to find such manners have not completely died out with the present generation.

Pamela was attracted to working for Blue Illusion because she loves to be surrounded by beautiful objects and knew she would find like-minded people in such a shop. In fact she says she has amazing customers and thoroughly enjoys meeting them. As much as she loves everything she sells, her favourite object at the moment is a lamp with a blown glass base (see photos).
Pamela lives up to her image and chooses to read romances in her spare time but enjoys the occasional suspense as well. Her favourite movie of all time is Blind Side with Sandra Bullock because her sons bought it for her, telling her that the Sandra Bullock character reminded them of her – tough but fair.
Pamela’s New Year’s resolution is to be careful with money because she needs it for travelling. Last year she went on holiday to Fiji and next on the agenda is Bali with Thailand after that.
Her philosophy on life is to do unto others as she would have them do unto her and to always give a smile. A smile has a ripple effect which can brighten the day of many people.
If you wish to see unique clothes with a French flavour or need to buy a special gift for someone, then do pop into Blue Illusion – it is a truly lovely shop and you will get great service.