Jan 13, 2012

How to Decorate your Bedroom

Your bedroom is your sanctuary from an increasingly crazy world and it should be decorated just the way you want it and not according to any fads.

Here are a few suggestions for personalising it and making it a true retreat.
1)    A clean, fresh environment is important to a restful mind and one of the best ways to create this appearance is by keeping the floor space as clear as possible. One way of doing this is by having bedside tables which attach to the walls and then make sure you keep that clear by attaching bedside lamps to the wall as well. 

2)    Artwork above the bed or even as a header is a great way to personalise the space. If you can’t afford to spend money on a painting, take some of your favourite family photos, get them blown up and put them in simple frames all the same size and place them in an orderly way above the bed.

3)    If you have a patterned bedspread and love it, then remove pattern from the rest of the room, except for a few small touches perhaps. Otherwise, use a plain bedspread in a sumptuous fabric and go to town with accessories, which could be a lovely pile of cushions, patterned lampshades or favourite objects etc. If you don’t like patterns at all, then choose a neutral colour for your floor and bedding and introduce pops of colour like turquoise or hot pink.

4)    If you have no carpet on the floor, do warm up the room with a good-sized, fairly neutral rug. It’s best to keep the floor neutral or the effect will be too busy and will close in the room.

5)    Most rooms benefit from having a focal point so choose your most beautiful piece of furniture which could be the bed or an antique dresser and make sure it is placed so the eye is drawn there first. Don’t confuse the eye with lots of focal points.

6)    To give an instant uplift to your room, either change the bedding or the window treatments. Luscious, rich curtains for winter will warm the body and soul while filmy, soft drapes over neutral blinds will give you privacy while letting in the summer days and evenings.

Make your bedroom all about you and it will draw you to it at the end of a hard  day fighting the crazies out there.