Nov 22, 2011

Looking to downsize? Buy a townhouse.

It happens to us all - the kids move on to the adventures of life without Mum and Dad and we are suddenly floating about in a massive house with too many echoes of children's voices.
It's time to think about downsizing. Not downsizing in terms of quality but in terms of size. How many bedrooms do you really need? How many bathrooms for the two of you? How many lounges if there are no more teenagers to cater for? Probably a lot less than the house you currently live in. Who wants a time-consuming garden to maintain now that you are going to travel more and expand those hobbies that have always taken a backseat to the children's needs? You still want to be able to eat meals out in the sun with your friends but the weekends are no longer for mowing lawns and weeding flower beds. This is the time to finally relax and indulge your own desires.
The ideal abode for you is a townhouse and we have this delightful one for sale in Upland Road. It has three bedrooms and two bathrooms - more than adequate. A paved, landscaped courtyard is perfect for entertaining and the living spaces flow beautifully into one another. You could walk into this house and start living straight away - it is immaculate.
117A Upland Road, Remuera is open for viewing this weekend on both Saturday and Sunday 2-2.45pm so get your skates on and take a look.
For more information and photos, click here.